YUKA Stone art is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of stone handy craft since 2003 based in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

Yuka’s philosophy is straightforward; handcrafted products, made by skilled artisans, using traditional environmentally-friendly tools. The quality of our products reflects the skill, dedication, and integrity of our workers.

Our products are made from some of the most stunning materials in Indonesia, if not the world. Lava stone, onyx, marble, petrified wood, Riverstone and teak are just a few, and any of these on their own, or in combination, would add value to any home, hotel, resort, or establishment.

It is not only the beauty of the materials we use that make our products so special; it is the design we put into them. We are at the forefront of product design within our industry, releasing new designs each year during our annual expo.

Yuka started off making simple mosaic tiles. Today, we have added hundreds of different product lines to that original offering, including lamp bases, wash basins, bath tubs, Terrazzo, fountains, ornaments, candle holders, home decoration, statue, to name but a few.

Over two decades experience in this business, we consider every day as a new opportunity to learn. We have had business relationships with clients from Day One, and we are still learning and developing new ideas with them. Same goes for our new customers and collaborations. This attitude keeps our business fresh and forward-looking, always open to new ideas, projects, collaborations, and new product ideas.

Although stone has been the ‘bedrock’ of our business, Yuka also has SVLK certification. This allows us to develop and export products using legally-sourced and regulated wood supplies. We are also a fully licensed exporter, registered with the Indonesian authorities.



2012, September : Decooh, Brussels-Belgium
2014, February : Ambiente, Frankfurt-German​
2014, July : GIFTTEX, Tokyo-Japan
2014, October : Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF), Macao-Hongkong
2015, FORMEX fair, Stockholm-Sweden
2016, May : INDEX, Dubai-Uni Arab Emirates
2016, July : Home & Gift, Harrogate-United Kingdom
2016, September : Auntumn Fair, NEC birmingham-United Kingdom
2016, September : Glee, NEC birmingham-United Kingdom
2017, July : Handmade Korean Summer , Seoul-South Korea
2022, September : IFF Indonesian Frankfurt Festival, Frankfurt-German


2004, July : FKY ( Festival Kerajinan Yogyakarta), Yogyakarta-Indonesia
2005, July : FKY ( Festival Kerajinan Yogyakarta), Yogyakarta-Indonesia
2005, October : TEI ( Trade Expo Indonesia ) , Jakarta-Indonesia
2006,October : TEI ( Trade Expo Indonesia ) , Jakarta-Indonesia
2008, March : IFFINA, Jakarta-Indonesia
2009, March : IFFINA, Jakarta-Indonesia
2010, March : IFFINA, Jakarta-Indonesia
2011, March : IFFINA, Jakarta-Indonesia
2012, March : IFFINA, Jakarta-Indonesia
2013, March : IFFINA, Jakarta-Indonesia
2014, March : IFEX , Jakarta-Indonesia
2015, March : IFEX , Jakarta-Indonesia
2015, September : SMESCO festival , Jakarta-Indonesia
2016, March : IFEX , Jakarta-Indonesia
2016, March : JIFFINA , Yogyakarta-Indonesia
2017, March : IFEX , Jakarta-Indonesia
2017, March : JIFFINA , Yogyakarta-Indonesia
2017, October : TEI ( Trade Expo Indonesia ) , Jakarta-Indonesia
2018, March : IFEX , Jakarta-Indonesia
2022, March : IFEX , Jakarta-Indonesia
2022, December : Brilianpreneur , Jakarta-Indonesia
2023, March : IFEX , Jakarta-Indonesia